Summer 7’s ~ U10 – U18 Registration

Summer 7’s is popular with all rugby fanatics because of its fast-paced and exciting format.

Belmont Shore Youth Rugby has established its name as one of the teams to beat during this tournament season.


To register for the season click on the button below.

Registering a player online will take you to our registration system that is directly linked to our governing body, Southern California Youth Rugby (SCYR).  This significantly reduces errors and registration processing time.


To be fully registered and able to play in SCYR competitions we must have the following three SEPARATE digital files:

·      Proof of age (birth certificate, passport or drivers license scanned into a file or a digital photo of the document)

·      Digital Photo Photos will be taken at practice

·      School ID U14 and above (scanned into a file, or digital photo of the ID)

All documents/photos should be at least 640 x 640 pixels (approx 64 KB) and may not upload if larger than 2 MB. Documents can be in JPG, PNG, TIF or PDF format.

Helpful Tip: A camera (low resolution) or cell phone photo of the age-proof document and school ID is acceptable if the documents are clearly readable and each covers most of the page.

Please follow these guidelines. If the quality of the images is poor they may not be accepted by the league. We will have to ask you for physical copies of documents and retake the photos.

During the registration, you will be given two options – 1. in full at the registration 2. Pay via PayPal link below, cash/check by 1st practice.  

Reminder: All dues must be paid in full by 1st practice in order to practice and $20 per game fee must be paid to play in the game.

All Dues are non-refundable.

 [qpp form=’PlayerPayment’]

Note: If you are registering player(s) that have previously played for our club at age 8-18 level, you may find that we already have the documents we need and uploading them will not be necessary. If you fall into this category then do not upload new digital files at this time. We will let you know if need them.

If you have any questions regarding registration, please feel free to contact us at

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