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Haka Rugby Camp – August 2 – 4, 2017

Haka Rugby Camp

 by Stacey Turis

~ The sun was just hanging in the morning sky when you could hear the sound of many small voices coming together to chant.  The chant was being performed in the Maori language; and even though the words were not familiar, the power behind them was undeniable.  As the voices grew louder, the chant was accompanied by the rhythmic sounds of body slapping and foot stomping.  As the kids came into view, their pride was evident in the way they held their heads.  They were no longer ‘one’ – they were now a part of something bigger than themselves and it gave them great confidence to stand next to their fellow warriors; aggressively grunting, chanting, slapping, and stomping; synchronized together to express the most energy.  It was an  incredible performance of the Haka; a traditional Maori war cry or dance, which is a beautiful and fierce display of a team’s pride, strength and unity ~

We knew the Haka Rugby Camp by Haka Rugby Global would be a success, but we had no idea how far-reaching those effects would go!  Campers got the unique opportunity to experience New Zealand culture, Maori protocols and kiwi life like a professional rugby player!  Haka Rugby Camp gave the campers an insight into everything the game entails through protocols such as Karakia, Haka, Waiata, food and style of play to team building activities; the campers got true insight into the amazing game of rugby!

​Lisa Beebe from Huntington Beach was just one of the many parents that couldn’t say enough great things about the camp and the impact it had on her son.  “My mission is to provide environments and male role models for my son that understand him and support him and honor his special soul. As a single parent of a young man, and being a woman is quite challenging and finding this kind of love and support is truly magical.”

We can’t thank everyone enough for all of the hard work that went into making this 3-day camp a complete success; players, parents, volunteers and those dudes that hung out by the hot grill all day to feed us!

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