Belmont Shore Youth Rugby coaches and team managers promote the following:

     • College entrance: All of our 2015 graduating seniors were accepted into higher learning educational or training programs. Through the Long beach promise we are able to connect every Hi school graduate regardless of their academic scores to a local college.
     • Internship opportunities: Our players are provided with the opportunity to participate in 4 week internship programs supported by our local business. We help them open a bank account, get their Drivers license and put them through a work readiness program so they may support themselves during their higher studies.
     • Camaraderie: Our players are instilled with a sense of team work and brotherhood by participating in an atmosphere centered on mutual respect.
     • Rugby: Long Beach has long standing rugby programs run by Belmont Rugby. A player can participate in U8 Boys & Girls, U10 Boys & Girls, U12 Boys & Girls, Middle School Boys & Girls, HI School Boys, College (CSULB) Men’s & Women, Division 1 Men’s & Women’s, Premier League Men’s. Players range from age 6 to age 40. Over 600 players in total in our care.
     • Scholarship: Many of our graduating seniors were awarded with scholarships through their academic excellence and formidable rugby skills. Currently 7 of our graduates were selected into the U20 all American rugby program. A player that came through our youth program was selected to the USA rugby team that represented USA in the 2015 world cup played in England.
     • Travel: A number of our players are provided with opportunities to travel aboard and play for well-established rugby teams.
     • Coaching: Our players are coached by former national level and super league players who have close to 100 years of rugby playing experience. Our training staff has coached multiple championship teams and represents the sport to the fullest.

At Belmont Shore Youth Rugby we believe every player should have the chance to succeed both on the pitch and in life. We promote higher education and we strive to produce young men who have extensive rugby knowledge and make responsible life choices are.


Belmont Shore Youth

Belmont Shore  Youth Rugby  is geared to help children become more productive adults with the community by  implanting firmly  the ideals of physical conditioning, good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority.

Club / Wilson High School / St. Anthony High School

Belmont Shore / Wilson High School Youth Rugby Team have a rich history of success on the sport of rugby. Young men play the game to build friendship, win games, and to prepare for their future.

This year we welcome St. Anthony High School to our rugby club. 

*Season begins in November and ends in early May

Summer 7’s

Summer 7’s is popular to all rugby fanatics because of its fast paced and exciting format. Belmont Shore Youth Rugby has established its name as one of the teams to beat during this tournament.

*Season begins late May and ends early August


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