Coaches & Administrators

Youth Club Director – Tony Balasuriya

Years playing rugby: 30+

Years Coaching: 10+

My goal is to use rugby as a platform to develop respectful young men and share my experience and show them how to use rugby as a pathway for higher education and to travel the world as I have.

Youth Club Head Coach

Years playing rugby: 20+

Years Coaching: 30+

“Rugby is a family atmosphere where players are brother and sister ruggers. We are equal with our brothers and sisters on the opposite end. We play hard against our opponents during the test. At the end of the test, we break bread together and respect each others’ game. Regardless of the results. It is a sport for mature young people who recognize true sportsmanship and respect for one another. There are even bigger victories besides the scoreboard.”
Head Coach Ramsey Tuaua


U16/U18 Club

U18 Head Coach

U16 Head Coach

Lead Coach

Ramsey Tuaua

Ramses Tuaua

Chris Babecky

U16 Administrator

U18 Administrator

Stacey Desembrana

Tami Dowgiewicz

Girls U-14, U16, U18

Head Coach

Head Coach

Emo Pula

Ian Pula


Hugo Mendoza

Wilson High School

Coaching Staff


Tony Balasuriya

Chris Babecky

Administrator Tami Dowgiewicz

Saint Anthony High School

Coaching Staff



Ramsey Tuaua

Ramses Tuaua

David Sunia


Stephanie De Laura 

Stacey Desembrana

U8 -U14 Youth Club

Senior Administrator Lupe Lolesio-Pua 
U12  Head Coach 

Johnny Pua

U14 Head Coach

Ray Pua




Adam Charlesworth


Mike Eriksen

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