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Belmont Shore Youth Rugby’s aim is to provide  a high level of rugby skills for all the youth in the Long Beach area  so that every player is given the opportunity to fulfill their potential within a positive, vibrant & safe environment. Our club ethos is that all the players should enjoy their sport, meet new friends, and learn about participating positively in a team sport, which is the essence of the game of rugby. We ask parents to encourage their children and if possible come and watch them at training, and to attend games, as the players do enjoy it more when their parents and family are on the side line cheering them on. Our ultimate aim is to create Elite Rugby Players for the collegiate and men’s professional level rugby clubs. Being part of the Belmont Shore Rugby Football Club makes this target feasible.


To promote and develop the players’ skills, conditioning and passion for the game while encouraging optimum enjoyment and visibility.


OPEN– clearly defining the goals of Southern California Youth Rugby

ACCOUNTABLE – with clear plans and objectives.

COMMITTED – to the players and their development.

RESPONSIVE – listening to what a player needs and then taking appropriate action.

INNOVATIVE – looking for ways to expand the game.

INCLUSIVE – in partnership with rugby unions, universities and local high school clubs, to develop an elite rugby side.


Player-centered approach:

Ethics – creating a positive environment for optimum player success and visibility.

Equity – welcoming players with various skill levels to the elite rugby game.

Safety First – making sure the players are taught the proper way to play the game.

Sharing Knowledge – have players to share information and ideas with their university and or high school club sides.

“Play Hard, Play Fair, Play to Win, Have Fun.”

The game should bring you joy.

The passion we feel for rugby is shared by us all, not only players and coaches but our parents too!

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